Digital Things for Cultural Orgs

I’m super excited to announce that this week I will be setting up camp as a 2017/2018 member at NEW INC., New Museum’s technology incubator program in New York City.

As a recipient of the Knight Foundation Museum Innovation fellowship, I’ll be engaging with technology as a means of developing creative solutions for the specific challenges organizations face in making their collections and programming openly accessible to a full range of public audiences.

The Studio

I’ll be collaborating with like minded museum professionals, artists, creative technologists, engineers and designers. Through these new partnerships, we will form a new studio practice focused on helping organizations build foundational infrastructure, well designed, sustainable digital products, and accessible and inclusive content and programs.

The studio will encourage a creative laboratory atmosphere for the development and application of new and experimental technologies. We will perform research, build prototypes, ship products, rinse and repeat.

I hope you’ll follow me on this exciting journey. If you are interested in collaborating, or if your organization is looking for a new approach to digital thinking, please get in touch!


Art, technology, museums, design, work, photography, and writing.

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